Tonight’s Menu

March 28, 2014


House-Cured Charcuterie & Salumi- lardo spuma,  cotechino, tesa, coppa,

1 for 4, 3 for 12, 4 for 15

 Nickel City Cheese Board- Petit Munster (raw cow, France), Colston Basset stilton  (cow, England), San Joaquin Gold (cow, CA)  16

 Soup- carrot and onion sm 4/ lg 5

 Pierogi- Mushroom and ricotta     3 for 8/ 6 for 15

 Ellen’s Bread Basket- Pretzel roll, sourdough, rye, burro di chianti, evoo   6

 Local Beets 5 Ways- mousse, tartare, roasted, pickled, carpaccio, pistachios, goat cheese truffle     10

 Purple Prairie Barley and Citrus Salad - honey vinaigrette, greens    9

 Duck Confit Crepe- celeriac puree, yuzu, thai chili, shallots 13

 Tagliatelle- pepper, reggiano     12

 Duck Liver on Toast       9

 Pork Skin Fritters-aioli, sweet and sour radish   8

 Trout Jacob Cattle Bean and Swiss Chard Stew – confit pork, root vegetables  13

 Squid and Key West Pink Shrimp Fideos- Saffron-piquillo broth, smoked butter   sm 14 lg 26

 Oles’ Chicken- tandoori leg and thigh, basmati rice porridge    21

 Tilefish- beluga lentils, tomato/chardonnay sauce, cabbage     26

 Arctic Char- black chic peas, horseradish, spinach, grapefruit      25

 Walleye- tartar sauce, salt and vinegar frites, celeriac     24


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